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3-in-1 Portable Fan Air Conditioner with USB Electric Fan

3-in-1 Portable Fan Air Conditioner with USB Electric Fan

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  • Product Name: Air Cooler Fan
  • Product Size: 8.27 inches X 3.54 inches X 10.24 inches
  • Weight: 1.51 pounds (without water)
  • Power: 10W Max
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Electric Current: 2A Max
  • Blowing Distance: 98.43 inches Max
  • Plug: Type-C USB Plug
  • Max Water Filled: 20.29 fluid ounces
  • Volume Of Mist: 7.61 fluid ounces per hour Max
  • Time of Mist: 2.5 hours - 12 hours


7 COLORS AND LOW NOISE: This portable air cooler fan features a 7-color light design for soft ambient lighting. It operates quietly, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful environment.

3-IN-1 FUNCTION: Combines the functions of a fan, air conditioner, and air humidifier. It provides cooling and humidifying effects, enhancing comfort in dry and hot conditions. Add ice and water for a refreshing cooling experience in summer and use it as a humidifier in autumn and winter.

3 WINDS & 3 SPRAYS: Offers 3 wind speed modes (Low/Medium/High) and 3 spray modes, allowing you to customize airflow and humidity levels based on your needs. This multi-functional design serves as a personal air conditioner, fan, and air humidifier, making summer more enjoyable. The 7 colorful lights create a pleasant atmosphere for summer evenings, suitable for various settings.

POWER MODE AND ENERGY SAVING: Connects easily to any USB-supported power supply such as a computer, mobile power bank, USB adapter, or car charger. It consumes low energy, promoting energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

PORTABLE DESIGN & LARGE CAPACITY: Compact and portable design for easy transport. Ideal for camping, home, office, outdoor picnics, etc. The 20.29 fluid ounces water tank, when filled with ice and water, provides several hours of cold air, keeping you cool and comfortable.


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