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Peel-Off Waterproof Tint Eyebrow Gel Makeup Long Lasting Enhancers

Peel-Off Waterproof Tint Eyebrow Gel Makeup Long Lasting Enhancers

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Product Description

Name: Eyebrow Dye Glue

Weight: 0.58 ounces

Net Weight: 0.05 ounces

Color Options:

  • 01# Dark Brown
  • 02# Light Brown
  • 03# Gray

Duration: Lasts up to 3 days; slowly fades after 3 days

Applicable People: General

Skin Type: Normal

Shelf Life: 3 years

Experience rapid drying and excellent persistence with our eyebrow dye glue. This product features good extension and perfect coverage, offering a long-lasting, natural result. The creamy gel texture provides optimal performance.

This eyebrow dye glue boasts four key features: rapid drying, excellent persistence, good extension, and perfect coverage. It helps create natural and 3D eyebrow shapes, making it ideal for tattooing, embroidery, damaged eyebrows, and makeup fixes.

Usage Instructions:

Step 1: Start from the end of the eyebrow and paint towards the center along the direction of eyebrow growth.

Step 2: Allow it to set for about 2 hours or overnight for extended wear. The mild texture ensures lasting color.

Step 3: Once dry, gently peel and tear off from the eyebrow tail.

Step 4: Enjoy long-lasting, natural eyebrow color.

Package Included:

1 x Eyebrow Gel


Due to variations in monitor settings, the actual color of the item may differ from what is shown in the pictures.




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