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Bluetooth Headband for Side Sleeper

Bluetooth Headband for Side Sleeper

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Product Description:

Enjoy uninterrupted sleep and relaxation with the Lavince Soft Sleep Headphones Headband. Ideal for those who struggle with insomnia or sleep next to a snorer, these headband headphones offer comfort and convenience.

Key Features:

Pain-Free Listening: Experience music, audiobooks, or TV without discomfort using the soft and breathable headband with embedded speakers that won't press against your ears.

Adjustable Fit: The stretchable fabric ensures a snug fit for most head sizes, making it suitable for men, women, and teenagers alike.

Long Battery Life: Upgraded USB-rechargeable battery provides over 10 hours of playtime on a 2-2.5 hour charge. Enjoy uninterrupted sleep without disruptive beeping when the battery runs low.

High-Fidelity Sound: Enjoy clear and immersive audio with high-fidelity stereo sound, perfect for blocking out external noise and promoting relaxation.

Hands-Free Functionality: Built-in microphone and volume controls allow for hands-free phone calls and music playback control without removing the headband.

Versatile Use: Use as a sleep aid for better rest or as a sports headband during exercise, thanks to its breathable and moisture-wicking fabric.

Additional Features:

Ideal Gift: Perfect for individuals who struggle with sleep due to snoring, shift work, or noise sensitivity. Also suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Enhance your sleep quality and daily activities with the Lavince Soft Sleep Headphones Headband, designed for comfort, durability, and versatility.

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